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Now being featured in the Prismatic Arts Festival for the first time,

Esie Mensah Creations brings ZAYO, a bold dance-theatre work about self-discovery, destiny, and personal strength.

Ouhna arrives in the world of Nxi with one purpose: get to their destiny. Through a series of tests that will measure their mental, physical, and emotional strength, Ouhna must do what it takes to complete their quest, or the journey will consume them. A memoir of EsieMensah and an ode to Africa with the exploration of Afrofusion,ZAYO uses movement and dance to showcase the obstacles and challenges Esie has faced throughout her own artistic career. It is a piece that pays respect and gratitude towards her mentors who have helped guide her along her journey.

ZAYO will be showing on September 17-18 in Ottawa. For more information on the festival and to purchase your tickets,  click below.


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