Shades is an original dance/theatre show that continues to evolve from its debut in September 2016

SHADES re-examines the wound that is colourism – prejudice against a person based on the fairness, or darkness of their skin colour – and how it inflicts on the Black community, specifically undoing the stitches in Mensah’s and six other dancers’ personal lives. Set against choreography and text, SHADES breaks the code of silence, compelling the audience to face how such brutality, whether on a global scale with colonization, or an offhand remark from a loved one, permeates generations.

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"A tactical, almost sensual performance, shades conveys a desperation for community and intimacy through the unusual medium of dance. the performance is mesmerizing"


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Over the years

 “This production has gone through many iterations but was always led by the spiritual guidance of my ancestors. Discovering as I went along to understand how to create a dance theatre work about shadeism. I give thanks to my dancers for their bravery to realize their truth in a way I never expected it.” – Esie Mensah

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