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Inspired by stories from The Dance Current, this summer podcast features rich conversations about the issues affecting dance communities and society at large. Hosted by dance artist Esie Mensah and released every two weeks.

Our first episode dropped June 16. Find us wherever you get your podcasts. Currently in Dance is brought to you by The Dance Current with support of Canadian Heritage. The Dance Current gratefully acknowledges Currently in Dance season sponsors Timothy Ziegler and The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School. Subscribe, listen and don’t forget to move.

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Featuring Esie Mensah

The Dance Current

Does hype choreography cloud cultural appropriation?

Toronto Star Interview

“We’d all put out these statements,” says Ibrahimof, “but how much has actually changed? There has to be some follow-through.” That’s easier said than done in the midst of a pandemic that has effectively shuttered live performance for the past 14 months. Whatever happens, for now, has to be virtual.

CBC Move

CBC The Move

After dancing for Rihanna and Drake, Esie Mensah is answering the call of her ancestors...

Broadway World Esie Mensah

Broadway World Interview

It's been one year since Blackout Tuesday, a day where companies around the world committed to institutional change to support the Black community. Many Toronto organizations also announced they would work to bring change in the city's arts community.


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