Created by Esie Mensah



A memoir of love and respect for the people who have helped shape Esie Mensah into the woman she is today. Zayo takes you on a journey that presents both the achievements and challenges. It is a production filled with gratitude and the honoring of ones ancestors.



“ZAYO is a memoir of dancer, choreographer and creative director Esie Mensah. This piece uses movement and dance to showcase the obstacles and challenges Esie has faced throughout her artistic career. It is a piece that pays respect and gratitude towards her mentors who have helped guide her along her journey. The combined elements of Esie’s drive and determination along with the encouragement of her mentors helped shape Esie into the person who she is today.


Along with being a memoir, Zayo is also an ode to Africa with the exploration of Esie’s Afrofusion movement in a new, fresh and contemporary way. In the show her mentors will manifest in the form of tribes that would test her physical, mental and emotional strength. The spirit of ZAYO (means future in Zulu) is homage to honour her ancestors. It’s to honour her guides from across the globe. A channel of strength, love and dedication for the people that need to hear it.”